Common Questions about Economics

While many parents in Singapore invest significantly in tuition for their children, Dr. Anthony Fok believes that tuition is more of a supplementary aid rather than a necessity. Its purpose is to address any knowledge gaps that may exist.

While H1 and H2 students may be in the same class, there is a difference in the examination format. H1 students are required to respond to two case study questions, whereas H2 students must answer two case study questions and select three out of six essay questions. Additionally, H2 students are expected to attend additional classes during specific periods, which are not compulsory for H1 students.

Ten-year-series guides (TYS) are annual publications that compile past exam questions from the previous ten years. TYS has been used in schools for over 40 years due to its ability to reveal patterns in the types of questions asked over time. However, it is important for students not to rely solely on TYS for exam preparation. Dr. Anthony Fok has authored a series of Economics guidebooks covering evaluation points, diagrams, summary notes, and model essays, providing valuable supplements to TYS.

The GCE ‘A’ level Economics exam places a strong emphasis on higher-order thinking skills, including Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation. Students are tasked with explaining current economic events using relevant economic principles, integrating different topics to construct coherent arguments, and assessing the effectiveness and limitations of economic policies. To excel in Economics, students must stay informed about current events and apply economic concepts in the appropriate context.

Questions about JCEconomics.com

Dr. Anthony Fok, a highly regarded Economics tutor based in Singapore, has been recognized as one of the country’s top tutors by The Sunday Times in 2008. Beyond his expertise in teaching Economics, Dr. Fok inspires students to develop a genuine passion for the subject and imparts valuable life lessons. He goes beyond the role of a tutor by acting as a mentor and friend to his students, bridging the gap between the school curriculum and national exams. Dr. Fok takes pride in helping students achieve their academic goals and receives praise for his dedication and successful track record.

While most JC students who seek tuition are already motivated, Dr. Fok maintains regular communication with his students to provide personalized support and encouragement, particularly during exam periods. He actively listens to his students and offers guidance whenever necessary.

No, Dr. Fok specializes exclusively in teaching A-level Economics for H1 and H2 students.

Dr. Fok’s one-on-one tuition classes are currently fully booked, and he does not offer this option at the moment. However, he firmly believes that his well-prepared lesson plans and interactive group discussions in his group tuition classes allow students to achieve a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the subject. Unlike tutors without extensive teaching experience and structured materials, Dr. Fok has a proven track record of producing excellent results and receiving positive testimonials from former students.

No, Dr. Fok exclusively teaches at his branches in Bishan, Bukit Timah, and Tampines.

Dr. Anthony Fok is widely recognized as one of Singapore’s top Economics tutors. The Sunday Times acknowledged him as one of the five most sought-after tutors in the country in 2008. Parents highly value his consistent delivery of outstanding results and often go to great lengths to enroll their children in his classes. Dr. Fok’s teaching philosophy extends beyond imparting Economics knowledge; he inspires students to develop a genuine passion for the subject and imparts valuable life lessons. He is committed to achieving excellent results as long as students put in the effort.

While most JC students are already motivated by their desire to secure distinctions for top local and overseas universities, Dr. Fok maintains regular contact with his students. He communicates with them on a personal level, offering support and encouragement, particularly during exam periods.

Additional FAQ

No, Dr. Fok exclusively focuses on teaching A-level Economics for H1 and H2 students.

Currently, Dr. Fok’s one-on-one tuition classes are fully booked, and he does not offer this option. However, he believes that his well-prepared lesson plans and interactive group discussions in his group tuition classes allow students to develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the subject. Dr. Fok’s extensive teaching experience, structured materials, and proven track record distinguish his group tuition as an effective alternative.

Yes, Dr. Anthony Fok is the sole teacher who conducts the economics tuition lessons. He ensures a high standard of teaching and personally delivers all lessons.

In such cases, there will be no replacement teacher. The affected lesson will be canceled, and a replacement class will be arranged.

Due to limited vacancies, JCEconomics.com currently does not provide trial lessons. However, students have the freedom to withdraw from the classes at the end of the first four lessons if they do not find them beneficial.

Interested students may be placed on a waiting list for popular time slots in JC2 Economics classes that tend to fill up quickly.

Yes, Dr. Fok actively encourages students to ask questions during class and arranges ad-hoc consultations if needed. He also provides his personal mobile number upon registration, so students can reach out to him for help with economics outside of tuition hours.

Every year, JCEconomics.com publicly acknowledges the names of students who have achieved distinctions under Dr. Fok’s guidance. He teaches a diverse range of students from different educational backgrounds, including those from non-branded schools, and is committed to helping them excel academically.

Yes, all the testimonials featured on the JCEconomics.com website are from Dr. Fok’s former economics tuition students.

Dr. Fok discourages students from relying solely on predicting exam questions and emphasizes the importance of comprehensive revision. While he is knowledgeable about past examination questions as an author of ten-year-series answers, he advises students on the frequency of certain question types. However, there is no guarantee of what will appear on the exam, and success should not solely depend on predicting questions.

Dr. Fok does not provide guarantees for distinctions. He believes that academic success is a result of hard work and proper guidance. Dr. Fok emphasizes the importance of students’ efforts and working closely with him to achieve their academic goals.

Yes, Dr. Fok provides personal essay marking services for additional essays students wish to write. He offers written feedback to help students improve their work and develop the necessary skills for the A-level Economics exam.

No, Dr. Fok’s books are not duplicates of the notes provided in his tuition classes. They focus on specific skill sets that students may need to improve, such as writing evaluation points, drawing diagrams, or excelling in essays and case studies. Dr. Fok recommends students to purchase his books as supplements to their learning, addressing their weaknesses.

Dr. Anthony Fok’s Economics books are valuable resources for students preparing for the GCE ‘A’ level examination. They comprehensively cover various topics and skills required for the exam, including diagram drawing, evaluation points, and essay and case study writing. These books target specific weaknesses or skill sets that students may need to improve. By purchasing these books, students can enhance their learning, practice exam-style questions, and better prepare for the A-level Economics exam.

No, Dr. Fok’s notes are not available for purchase. Attending his tuition lessons provides students with a unique and effective learning experience. The direct interaction, teaching style, and clarification of doubts or questions contribute to the comprehensive understanding of Economics concepts and exam techniques.

Dr. Anthony Fok’s tuition lessons stand out through the testimonials of his former students. His teaching style goes beyond imparting Economics knowledge and focuses on instilling values and life lessons while fostering a love for the subject. Dr. Fok’s structured and interactive lessons provide students with a deeper understanding of the subject matter, setting them up for success.

Dr. Anthony Fok provides several additional services to his students, including staying back after class to clarify doubts, being available for communication via texting or WhatsApp after tuition hours, arranging personal consultations upon request, and offering additional notes or revision packages that include model essays and key concepts for revision.

For students struggling with case studies or requiring more exposure to real-world context and examples, Dr. Anthony Fok has developed special notes that provide evaluation and analysis points necessary for high marks. His notes also summarize essential knowledge required for effective writing, including the Singapore context, developed countries like the USA and Japan, and developing countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, China, and India.

Dr. Anthony Fok provides new students with previous lesson materials to help them catch up if they have weak foundations in JC1. JC2 students with weaker foundations may also benefit from joining JC1 classes to cover foundational topics. During the first lesson, Dr. Anthony Fok personally guides new students on how to study Economics, equipping them with the necessary tools for success.

No, Dr. Fok does not provide crash courses for JC2 students. However, he conducts intensive revision programs in December to help JC1 students catch up on their foundational knowledge.

Yes, Dr. Fok offers additional classes during the June and December holidays. Interested students can refer to the “Intensive Revision Programme” and “Case Study Workshop” links on his website.

Yes, students can join Dr. Fok’s lessons at any time, as long as they are willing to put in the necessary effort. Some students have joined his classes just three months before the A-level exams and still achieved As in Economics, as supported by testimonials from his former students.

Yes, 1.5 hours of curriculum time per week is enough to cover the syllabus completely. Dr. Fok’s students have achieved distinctions with this amount of time. The quality of the lessons is more important than the duration.

Dr. Fok’s tuition students come from various colleges in Singapore, and he also teaches private candidates who will take the GCE ‘A’ level exam.

Yes, students who miss their scheduled lesson can attend makeup lessons within the same week by joining other classes. All classes are repeated from Friday to Sunday of the same week.

The actual class size may vary due to students attending makeup lessons. Generally, Dr. Fok’s classes are large due to his high demand as an economics tutor. However, the class size does not affect the quality of his teaching as he effectively engages his students.

Payment and Registration Details

To enroll in Dr. Anthony Fok’s Economics tuition classes, you can register by sending a text message to 8251 3684. Include the student’s complete name, school, and preferred class time in the message. Once the registration process is completed, you will receive a confirmation message.

Although the tuition center does not offer a placement diagnostic test, students have the option to bring their recent Economics examination papers for review. Dr. Anthony Fok will thoroughly analyze these papers and provide valuable insights to help students improve their strengths and address their weaknesses. It is advised to make photocopies of the examination papers for Dr. Fok’s assessment.

Regarding fees, upon registration, students are required to pay monthly fees along with a one-time material fee of $120. It is important to note that the material fee is non-refundable if a student withdraws from the class before the end of the year. If there are five lessons in a month, the fees will be adjusted accordingly.