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“Dr Fok's teaching style is really good and extremely helpful to me. I came to him during JC2 because my Economics grade was an E for promos. He really helped me improve a lot, even helping me get an A for my preliminary examinations 🙂 He is a really kind and helpful teacher. During tough periods such as COVID-19, he would set up video lessons and answer my questions on Whatsapp which were all integral to my improvement in Economics. Besides this, he has a wealth of life experiences which he shares candidly with us, teaching us not just about Economics but about future prospects such as scholarships and career options. Overall, he is a very good Economics tutor and I wholeheartedly recommend him :D”
Dunman High School
“Mr Fok is an excellent teacher. Before joining his lessons, I felt that econs was a very boring subject. When I tried reading my lecture book, my eyes would automatically close. However after joining his lessons, his notes was straight to the point with good evaluation, which was very different from my school's lecture book. After a while, econs was the subject I was most confident in. Totally recommend joining his tuition. it's very worth it and effective.”
Xin Hui
Tampines Meridian Junior College
“Mr Fok has been an amazing economics tutor to me for the past year. After I got back my JC1 promo results, the letter 'U' beside my economics subject took me by surprise. Both my mother and I scrambled to find a tutor to help my grade, I stumbled upon Mr Fok's class online and never regretted my decision to join ever since. Mr Fok's classes are very engaging and was somehow able to turn a boring subject like economics into one of my favourite subjects. One method was to relate economics to our everyday lives and apply the terms we learn in class to real life examples. Unlike other tutors who just teach their students what they paid for, Mr Fok does not only teach his students everything they need to know to ace their exam, he also teaches them important life lessons that can be applied to our future. He also cares dearly for his students even after the A level journey had ended. These attributes displayed by Mr Fok is befitting of his title as Singapore's super tutor for economics.”
Dexter Wong
Catholic Junior College
“Dr Fok is always engaging during lessons and I look forward to his classes every week. After I started joining his classes, I was better able to grasp economic concepts and apply them during exams. This is especially so as he emphasises and reiterates crucial points to make sure that we remember them. Whenever I need help, he explains to me until my doubt is clarified. Being taught by Dr Fok has made me confident in writing for econs papers.”
Y. D.
Anderson Serangoon Junior College
“Before joining I thought his lessons were gonna be solely focused on grinding our content and answering skills (usually super boring) but it was actually quite enjoyable. The way he teaches and guides us to answering questions were unique in the sense that he made economics more fun to learn and made me look forward to his next lesson. He also shares some stories from the past with us to lighten the mood and have some laughter which were helpful as a break and had some learning points. 10/10 would recommend.”
Anderson Serangoon Junior College
“Mr fok is an amazing economics tutor - 1. he puts his utmost effort in every class; trying his best to make lessons interesting and his notes clear & concise, translating perplexing and complex concepts into content that is straightforward and easy to understand/digest. 2. he is a very dedicated and patient teacher, I joined his tuition in mid j2 and my understanding of macroeconomics was very poor - I was confused about many basic concepts but after attending his classes and consulting him a few times, my school teacher remarked that I improved by a great lot and I felt that I comprehended this seemingly difficult subject a lot better. 3. he doesn't just teach us economics but he shares with us many valuable and meaningful life stories that actually inspired and motivated me in various ways e.g. how not only do you have to work diligently in life to succeed you have to also maintain a good network/connections with people. 4. he puts on a bright cheery smile every lesson and is super encouraging; his humour and joyous attitude makes his lessons not only a fruitful learning experience but also a rather entertaining and positive one.”
Valerie Soon
Jurong Pioneer Junior College
“Mr Fok has deepened my understanding for economic concepts beyond textbook materials provided in school hence making it easier for me to grasp concepts as opposed to just purely memorising them. In addition, he exposes us to a wide variety of question types so that we will be certain and familiarised with the different answering techniques especially when this subject requires constant regurgitation and practice. He also puts in effort in making the lesson more engaging by relating concepts to real life scenarios and never fails to check on us every lesson to ensure that we are coping well. Lastly, he is also proactive in sending supplementary materials to further enhance our learning and improve on the areas that we are weak at. All in all, it really helps you to fill in the gaps in your understanding for econs and be more confident when doing questions!”
Lim Zhiyu
National Junior College
“Mr Fok is a very helpful and dedicated teacher who will always speed reply any questions from students even if it was late at night. His lessons are curated in a way that is fun and engaging, and his explanations are always clear and easy to understand. A very useful part of his teaching is that he will highlight out the key points and keep repeating and drilling it until students remember, this is very useful for students who are struggling with content. Due to his lessons, I never had a problem with content as everything would be drilled in my brain after his lessons! The resources he provided were also essential to my learning, be it the model essays or evaluation compilations, which allowed my grades to shoot up. During J1 promos, I got an abominable grade of "S" for econs! but after going to his lessons, my grades shot up to B by J2 blocks. Thank you for your help Mr Fok!!”
Xia Yilin
National Junior College
“Dr Fok is an excellent economics tutor, his lessons are easy to understand, his lesson materials are detailed and concise. He provides us with many insights on how economics can relate to the real world and inspires us to find out more on our own. He is really a miracle worker who helped save my economics grades from a U to an A during prelims. He is one of the best tutors you can find, he shares his life stories and real life experiences to give us an insight to the real world. He really cares about his students and I have never seen a tuition teacher go so far for his students, attending his tuition is the best decision I made in 2020.”
Chloe Tew
River Valley High School
“Dr Fok is a meticulous and experienced teacher, and my econs grades have improved substantially since attending his lessons. He's always willing to lend a helping hand to his students and answer any questions we might have over text without any hesitation. His lessons never fail to keep us engaged with his wacky jokes and stories, and it is the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere that allows us to glean the most knowledge from his lessons.”
Raffles Institution
“Mr Fok is super nice he really goes beyond just the teaching aspect as a tutor!! He gives a lot of good advice regarding JC life, and post-JC plans during and after lessons! I started econs tuition since J1 and I really enjoyed studying econs throughout JC because Mr Fok made the concepts much easier for me to understand and appreciate, helping me score As and Bs throughout JC. Mr Fok also gives a lot of essays which I found very helpful while I was doing my revision because it made it easier for me to pick out examples for relevant contexts and identify question types easily. Lessons are usually very targeted and easy to follow because Mr Fok filters out the important things to note and is very selective on what to remember and what to know, which makes my revision process much easier. Thank you Mr Fok for the two years, I really enjoyed your lessons :D”
Eunoia Junior College
“Dr Fok is a superb teacher who has all the tips and tricks of scoring well in Economics. His classes are well thought out and lesson materials are extremely helpful in aiding my revision. He also goes the extra mile to answer your queries to the fullest extent and ensures your understanding of the concepts, be it during lesson time or after lessons which he is easily contactable. Thank you for two years of support Dr Fok!”
Nicholas Hsieh
Raffles Institution
“Dr Fok is a very engaging teacher and I look forward to his lessons every week. He is able to make the usual heavy econs content into very bite sized pieces of information that it easier to process, and he also teaches us values beyond the classroom by sharing useful life stories. Dr Fok really makes us more interested to learn more about econs and allows us to see its real-life application!!”
National Junior College
“Hi Mr Fok! I think I started to really like learning economics after I attended your tuition lessons. I remember how in the very first lesson when I was in JC1, when I sat in for the JC2 class unknowingly, you started laughing and asked me to wait outside of the class first because the JC1 class had not started yet. You were also taken aback when I told you I didn’t know what COE was oops. But still, thanks to your lessons, economics was the most enjoyable subject for me in JC. One of the things that I really liked about your lessons was that you always made us write handwritten notes and mind-maps in class. Writing it in this manner made it very easy for me to recall the relationships between factors when explaining concepts to my friends or writing my answer in the exam. Also, the stories that you told in class were very relatable and often helped me to get past any difficulties that I was having. I am also very grateful that you were considerate about my financial situation during the Covid-19 period. Thank you Mr Fok for teaching me economics :)”
National Junior College
“The lessons are very interesting, and the notes provided are actually quite useful and beneficial too. Besides the usual academic aspect, teacher will also teach us many life lessons and personal experiences which I found quite meaningful. For me, I feel that the pace of lesson is just nice and during lesson I also develop the skill to memorize content while writing down notes.”
Xu Ying
Anderson Serangoon College

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